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»‘I Love New York’ – everyone knows this slogan!«

It was by creating this iconic campaign that Jane Maas made a name for herself, going on to become a towering figure in the world of advertising. Would you like to generate more hearts and likes, too? Our social media team is on hand with help and advice.

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Talent search from a fresh perspective

Social media are much more than just scrolling, laughing at funny memes and liking cat videos. Social media are also great recruiting tools – these days, the best talent is often just one click away. Sound too good to be true? In social media recruiting, companies are using these platforms as a strategic tool to attract the right talent to their team by tapping into another target group for recruitment.
Funnel for an improved candidate journey. The application process can be frustrating. With a poorly designed user interface or information overload on your career site, you not only confront applicants with obstacles, you also increase the risk of them dropping out of the application process altogether.
The solution? Obstacles like this can be avoided with a modernised landing page and an efficient applicant funnel. By making the application process mobile-friendly and accessible, we maximise the chances of success for every application. Applications can be completed and submitted in just a few clicks. And the journey doesn’t end after the interview either: even if things didn’t work out the first time around, social media offer the opportunity to stay in touch with updates, events and career tips.
Create a targeted connection. How can you increase the coverage of your job ads without straining your budget? Platforms such as LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram offer cost-effective and targeted opportunities to reach exactly the right applicants. The key to success? Authenticity. By sharing insights into your company culture, highlighting your employees’ success stories or pointing out career opportunities, you can create a connection that goes far beyond an ordinary job advertisement, genuinely capturing your target group’s attention.

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