There are many fish in the pond; however, not the biggest ones always get the most attention. Rather, it is the eye-catching, beautiful and colorful ones that we admire. By creating an employer brand, you become just that eye-catching company in the big pond of competitors. This allows you to position yourself as an attractive employer, attract attention and convince job seekers more quickly of your added value as an employer.

Why employer branding?

Applicants choose companies – not the other way around. That is why a strong employer brand is indispensable. Good employer branding enables companies to attract new employees more quickly and retain them in the long term.

What are EVPs?

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) refers to the unique selling points that your company offers to potential employees. The goal: to convince candidates that they are applying to a company with a unique working environment.

Lego Serious Play Workshop

In our EVP workshop, we use the Lego Serious Play method, among other things, to work out with you what makes your company unique as an employer.


Employer brand

Identity and differentiation: Being a market leader is not enough as a unique selling proposition. An attractive company needs a strong employer brand with profile and personality. We help you with the development.

Career fair/exhibition

Face-to-Face: You’re looking for more than resumes, you’re looking for characters. At trade fairs, you can come into contact with potential applicants in an informal way and showcase your company on site or digitally via virtual trade fair booths.

University marketing/apprentice marketing

Next Generation: When selecting channels, we keep an eye on current trends and the search behavior of digital natives. Through a targeted approach, we link your advantages with the needs and desires of your target group.

Influencer Marketing

Reach booster: Influencers provide you with brand ambassadors who are in direct contact with your target group and represent you in drawing attention to your company and its benefits – authentically and in person.

Internal/external communication

Communication is key: We identify your potential for personnel marketing and develop strategies for internal (employee retention) or external (positioning) employer branding, thus ensuring your competitiveness.

Career site

Employer presence: We improve the candidate experience by enhancing your site both visually and in terms of content and by using usability tests to check the usability of your site and identify areas for optimization.

Employee photo shoot

Spotlight: Unlike stock images, professional shootings authentically convey your corporate identity. Employees are the most powerful testimonials. Show your appreciation and strengthen company identification.

Radio spot/TV spot

Straight into the ear: With creative and emotional radio and TV advertising, you reach your target group and stay in their memory. To achieve this, all components have to match: story, station, timing, reach and duration.

Recruiting video

Action: With a recruiting video, your employees themselves are in the foreground as a testimonial, or you show your working environment live and in color. In both cases, you stand out and can communicate your EVP emotionally and authentically via your career website or various other channels (social media).

Social Media Recruiting

HR marketing mix: Social networks belong in every good media plan.
We analyze which platforms your target group uses and increase your reach and interaction with suitable candidates with the help of creative postings.

360° video/360° photo

Wow effect: With VR experiences for trade fairs and events, we achieve what is not possible with pure job postings: We make employers come alive and give interested parties a transparent insight into your working world, for example through virtual office tours.

Branding workshop

Creativity and innovation: In our workshops we use, among other things, the Lego Serious Play method to work out with you what makes your company unique as an employer. Of course, we also design workshops with our Design Thinking partners for all other challenges in the HR field.